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The 4-hour-body-diet.

As you all know Raya is still going on and with Raya going on Im just bound to eat a lot with all the open houses in my schedule!! So this year, I'm trying out this diet called The 4-Hour-Body Diet. What is it you might ask? Well to sum it up it's a diet that consist of basically:





Ah but that's not all! the best part about this diet is there is a 'Cheat Day' You can pick ONE day of the week(make it the same day for each week), say Saturday, and on that chosen day, you can eat all you want! no dieting needed!

On dieting days, you cannot eat any kind of white carbs: no rice, bread, potatoes or such. no milk, no sugared drinks, only H2O and green tea(without sugar!) No fried food of any kind.

My cousin and his wife have tried this diet and I've seen tremendous results from them! So I actually just started this diet yesterday(12/09/11) and we'll see what happens in a month! For the time being, here are some recipes you can check out if you feel like trying out this diet!
Also try these:

As for beans, you can try any kind of beans including butter beans, mixed beans, baked beans, peas, lintel. I got mine from Tesco.

It's time to get healthy people!!

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