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Four Years On

Verona, June 2011 (Image courtesy of Sana Faruq)

Hijab Style is four years old today! It's interesting that I started blogging at the exact same time that I started at university, and I guess a lot of what I post here reflects that. I realise that readers will have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of new content I've been posting each week over the past year. It seems a bit redundant to apologise for that, as it really is an inevitability that with each year, medical school demands that much more of time, and I have that much less to dedicate to 'extra-curricular activities'. It also seems inaccurate to say that it upsets me, because whilst I do love to blog and post about new ideas, inspiration, and up-coming designers, at the end of the day I'm loving the learning process of becoming a doctor. That will (inshallah) be my vocation one day; not blogging.

That said I do hope you will still stick around and read whatever I do have the time to post up here. The Facebook page now has over 64,000 members so is a great place for everyone to share ideas and links. I can't say I know what the future holds for Hijab Style as a blog, but I'm content with enjoying the journey for now.

Happy Anniversary, HS.

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