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So You Think You Can Style? I say YES!:P

So today was the day of the "So You Think You Can Style" challenge, and let me tell you it wasn't easy!! We were competing against 14 other teams for RM6,000 worth of prizes and the competition was fierce! LOL. Anyhow we were quite surprised that we were chosen as the top 5 best groups of the day(chosen by professional judges) Unfortunately we didn't make it to top 3(top 3 were chosen by the audience based on the most cheers) But all in all it was a great experience and I was very proud of what my team came up with;) Love you Ami and Diana!!<3

Waiting in the personal shopper's room while waiting for our model Diana getting her hair and makeup done.

On the left: My stuff.  On the right: Ami's stuff.


Diana and Ami

Some of the clothes used for styling.

This is the look we came up with. We used 5 out of the 6 items we chose!! The turban Diana is wearing is actually a jumpsuit! And she's actually wearing three tops.

Prize giving ceremony.

Guess what we got in the goodie bag?

THIS. :)  and a few catalogues.

Have a great weekend peeps! Oh and don't forget to tune in to astro channel 114 tomorrow at 8.30am for a segment with a few of us hijabis making our first(or second) appearance on tv!:)

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