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On Teaching..

It's almost the end of the semester and I have to say it's definitely been a good one. I think that teaching has taught me so much about myself since I'm quite new to it. I've always thought of lecturers as naturally gifted people who have always been good at what they do. But now I know from my own experience that teaching itself is in fact a learning process and people don't just happen to be good at what they do. They work hard and learn from their mistakes. Well atleast that's how I learned and I believe that I still have a long way to go.
When I was younger I've always wanted to be an architect, that's why I took up architecture in the first place. I loved the idea of creating spaces and integrating design with culture, art, science and technology. Unless you're an architecture student, you probably wouldn't know how much fun studio life is. Our studios are like our home. We slept, ate, laughed, cried and pretty much spent most of our time executing drawings in the studio. When I started teaching, being back in the studio brought back so many memories and I guess Im happy with where I'm at now because I still get to be a part of the 'studio life' culture.
It feels surreal to think that just a year ago I was the one preparing presentation drawings, not sleeping for days thinking about the horror of presentation day and how harsh all the assessors and outside panels would be on us . Now I'm the one who's actually assessing students work and giving them a hard time! lol. 
Regardless, I feel that my students have been very open and mature when it comes to accepting criticism. It's all just part of the learning process.

During these first 6 months of teaching, I believe that I've grown and come to love teaching very much, and couldn't imagine doing anything else(well except maybe a fashion designer/stylist)lol. The most rewarding part of teaching is when you see improvement in your students which show that they actually learn something. I mean, what could be better than that? For me it's the most satisfying thing I could ever ask for.
"Ooooo...macam tu.."


All smiles..

With my students in Integrated Design class.

Bringing students for a study trip to Putrajaya for Built Environment class.

My students in Architectural Drafting class.

One of my very hyper-active students.

So I guess next semester will be another new phase with new faces and hopefully It will be as good as this semester was:)

*All photos courtesy of my students.

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