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Not good with words?? -->Ideas On How To Be A Romantic Guy.

Before I start, this entry is dedicated to Mr.Shafiq a.k.a my soulmate of almost 5years. I haven't seen him for a couple of months now. Even though were quite far apart, somehow it feels as though we've grown closer to each other more than we had ever been before(he's back in Ipoh now where he's living) I guess what I really want to say is I miss him and I'm thankful that I've truly found the most amazing guy to fall in love with everyday:)... I've never been good with words myself and sometimes it's hard to put in words how you feel so I think we have a really good way of saying things through actions, gifts or anything in a physical form.

So anyways, back to our topic, romantik ni sebenarnye subjektif..some people are able to communicate effectively through verbal communication. Some people find it easier to say things through actions..so have you ever felt out of words or tongue-tied when it comes to expressing your feelings or trying to win the heart of someone you really like?? here's a crash-course on how you can let out your feelings without having to worry about the words coming out wrong...

Lesson #1: Make her a card. Be it a simple plain card or even a more elaborate one, girls love it when they get hand-made cards from guys.
If you've already given her one of those, maybe you could try this idea, a POP-UP card! This would surely leave her breathless.

Lesson #2: Write her a poem. Try out your writing skills and put together a special poem just for her, if you're not that into creating your own, find poetry that she loves or that she would probably enjoy reading.

Lesson #3: Buy her flowers! Surprise her with a bouquet of flowers when she's having a bad day. That would definitely put a smile on her face:)

Lesson #4: Make her a name tag with pictures of you and her in it! Remember that every little thing you do can make so much difference. Even if it's as small as this one. Because it's the thought that counts!!

Lesson #5: Make her a 'love certificate'. As cheesy as it may sound, you'd be surprised what wonders it can do:P This one is THE deal breaker. lol

Lesson #6: Make her a bookmark. It's a simple gift, but each time she flips the page of a book, she'll be thinking of you!

Lesson #7: If you have zero talent in making all the above, perhaps buy her one of these winning gifts:
1. A Teddy Bear

2. A cute ring
3. A handbag

Lesson # 8: Draw her a portrait. Even if you don't have all the drawing talent in the world, it wouldn't hurt to try something like this and show her your effort:)

Lesson #9: Write her love letters and fold them into different shapes. Remind her of how you both met or memories you had together.

Last but not least, if you want to go all out in giving her the ultimate-DIY-romantic-experience, sew her something made out from your old jeans! This would definitely make her jaw drop!

So that's it for today people! Hope this has been helpful for those of you searching for something different to do today! It doesn't have to be for your girl, it could also be for your friends, mom or even your colleagues!

Selamat mencuba! ^_^

Introducing: Mr.Shafiq:)

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