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HFW Day #6 : Travel/Vacation

I've been having so much fun with HFW that I can't believe it's day 6 already. I even mistakenly wrote Day 5 as the title today:p But anyways, today's theme is Travel/Vacation. This would be an outfit that I'd wear when I'm on the go, travelling from one place to the other, for instance long flights and such. I love to travel in jeans or anything thats just loose and baggy. Jeans are my choice for comfort when it comes to travelling. Plus the blazer I bought is super breezy and casual but still kinda stylish:p. Oh and of course my favorite accessory for travelling would be..YOU GUESSED IT!..shades<3 

 What I'm wearing: 
Grey pashmina from IIUM
Blazer from People's, Mid Valley
Belt from F.O.S
My brother old baggy jeans!
Bag from The Mines
Boots from Yunique Paradise

 The only boots I own!

See ya later aligator!:p

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