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HFW Day #5 : Jummah

 Woo Friday~ Our favorite day of the week!  Last HFW they included Eid, but this HFW we're covering Jummah (Friday Prayer).  I'm a big fan of abaya's, even since my study years in UIA, I would always wear it because it's so easy to wear, not to mention comfy! So for today's theme which is Jummah, I think this would be the perfect outfit because it's really just simple but still keeping it stylish with a touch of colour. I don't know why, i can't live without colours!! they make my day:) I LOVE YOU COLOUR<3 hehe sorry about that.

What I'm wearing:
Black pashmina from Zahra Scarves
Kimono Wrap Dress from Maysaa
Jeans from Esprit
Black pumps from Summit

Close-up yang x brape nak close-up.hehe
Don't ask me why I'm holding a pen, lol. I'm a lecturer,we're always prepared for anything!:p

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