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HFW Day #1 : Workwear

Out of all my HFW outfits, this outfit was the easiest to put together because it’s one of the many looks I’ve actually worn to work before! I’m working as an architecture lecturer, so for work wear I opted for something really comfy like this black skirt(skirts are always comfy!) and a chiffon leopard printed top.

Being in the field of architecture, I’ve always considered fashion to be quite the same as architecture. It’s about presenting new ideas, being creative, creating the right proportion, knowing yourself and what you want to convey, making it inspirational, just like producing a work of art.
What I'm wearing: 
Turquoise Pashmina from The Mines
Leopard printed top from Vintage Shop
Turquoise ring from Forever21
Belt from Padini
Black skirt from My sister's:p
Brown Clutch, also my sister's:p
Black pumps from Times Square 

I happen to love bright and bold colours, that’s why I added a touch of turquoise to the look with my headscarf. The tucked in leopard print top with the black skirt and belt shows a more serious, fierce side of me. It shows that I want my students to take me seriously but at the same time, the pop of colour says that I can still be fun and hip at the same time(hahaha, can stop laughing at myself!!). 

Usually when I give lectures, I will be standing most of the time, so it is very essential that I always have the most comfy heels on! And these pair of black pumps always does the job, plus because their black, it’s easy for me to match them with any of my other outfits:)

Check out what the other participants of this year's HFW are wearing here!: 

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