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Muslimah Style: Novita

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My name is Novita from Indonesia; I’m a happy wife & mother of one lovely daughter and now designing my own Muslim clothing label ‘Amourfa’.

My Style

Honestly I’m still new to hijab, since I've worked at an international company for many years, and didn't think about wearing it. I used to worry about what people would say, and how difficult it would be to meet customers in hijab...no wonder my hijab was on and off. But thanks to Allah, I finally encouraged myself to make a resolution - to put my hijab on and keep it on.

My style was formal at first and it’s getting more fun now. I've found what works and what doesn't for me. Since I’m designing Islamic dresses, I consider what would be wearable for others, like new hijabis, new mothers, working mothers and also for plus size ladies. Then I sketch my ideas into a design. I love all colors - neutral, warm, dark, cold and brights too. Jeans, jackets, long blouses, polo necks and maxi dress are essential items in my wardrobe. I really love to use our traditional fabric ‘batik’; and I prefer to cut/sew ‘gamis’, which are mostly like abayas.

Top Tips

- Don’t be afraid to go with your old school style, your old boots, sneakers for hanging out. Don’t throw away your old jeans!

- You have your own spirit; you are beautiful, smart and strong. Rock the day with stunning colours or go for a romantic look with ruffle accents, florals and soft colour.

- Experiment with local fabrics and try them with new trends. Why not?

- Find a suitable hijab style for you which you feel comfortable in. Don't push too hard to have the most up-to-date style.

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