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Muslimah Style: Deniz

Reader's Contribution

My name is Deniz, I’m 22 and I’m from Sydney, Australia. I have been wearing hijab for one year now and I think I am beginning to find my style.

My Style

I like dressing for comfort. That’s my number one priority when deciding on an outfit. If I am uncomfortable in my clothes people can tell, I just know it; we already have people judging us so we need to carry ourselves with confidence!

I also take into consideration the fact that I am always busy with my toddlers and so anything too drapey (like ends of the scarf) is a no-no for me because it would just get in the way! That’s why I often use Turkish style hijab because there are less ‘ends’, though pashmina-style scarves have been working their way into my wardrobe lately!

Lately I have really been getting into neutrals, with one or two coloured accents, either through my scarf or through accessories. This sort of styling, I believe, keeps you looking together and up to date, no matter what the season or current trends. However I do think it’s important to incorporate some colour into my outfits to show my personality or my mood for that particular day.

Most importantly, I like to have fun when putting together outfits and not care about what others will think or say; as long as my outfit is correct in terms of modesty and coverage. Seriously, we can have style, in fact I reckon we conjure up even more stylish outfits thanks to the layering we get to play with and also the freedom we get from knowing that we aren’t being judged according to our bodies.

Top Tips

• If you see a style you like go ahead and copy it, chances are you will end up modifying it anyway to suit your lifestyle and voila, you have made the look your own!

• When mixing and matching outfits start off with one core item, or ingredient, as I like to call it and whip up the others to work around this ingredient to produce a deliciously, oh I mean fabulously coordinated outfit!

• When you find a piece of clothing that you think will prove very versatile for you then snap it up in a few different colours.

• As long as you keep within the rules of Islamic dressing then I think you can play around with whatever style you please.

*Deniz has requested to post only anonymised photos, for privacy reasons

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