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Muslimah Style: Jaida

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My name is Jaida and I am 26, married with 3 children. I am currently living in Richmond,VA and I am originally from New Jersey.

My Style

I started wearing hijab full-time 3 months after I took my shahadah at 18 years old. I never knew I could be stylish and still Islamic. I was wearing all black or dark colours because that was all that was available to me, and I was following the example of the other Muslim sisters around me. My style is classic with some trendy items. I always buy trendy items in an accent colour or in a basic neutral, to give it a long life even after the trend is dead and gone. I also like to set trends myself, or at least try to.

Top Tips

1) Don't be shy of colour. Islam doesn't limit what colours a woman can wear.

2) Let your personality shine through. Don't stop being yourself, you can still be you, just Muslim!

3) Love your hijab, it's what makes us stand out. The sheer variety of hijabs out there gives every Muslimah her own unique style.

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