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Muslimah Style: Annisa

Reader's Contribution

My name is Annisa but most of my friends call me Nichan. I’m a 20 year old architecture student from Jakarta, Indonesia. I’ve been wearing hijab since I was in 4th grade of elementary school. I hadn’t known what hijab really meant at that time, I only wore it because I love being different. But then later on, I felt so comfortable in my hijab, it was like it was a part of me and I would be incomplete without it. That’s why until now, I’m still wearing hijab. I’m so thankful that ‘little me’ made a big decision to wear hijab that day.

My Style

Actually, I don’t know what my style is! I only follow what my mood says every morning when I open my wardrobe. But I love being a minimalist. I agree with what Mies van der Rohe, a famous architect, said: “Less is more”. That’s why you won't see me with lots of accessories, but I do love ethnic accessories, like bracelets. Luckily I live in Indonesia which has plenty of original handicrafts. My status as an engineering student means I'm influenced by boyish styles; I feel more comfortable wearing trousers than skirts. But I 100% agree that skirts are lovely! That’s why I love wearing skirts too, but it has to be a maxi skirt so I can still move easily. I’m comfortable with both styles.

Top Tips

1) Jackets are my saviours. Not just jackets actually - sweaters, cardigans, coats, or any other outerwear. I love wearing them. They will make your body look slimmer and hide curves.

2) Wear loose shirts if you wear trousers. I don’t know why I just love oversize shirts! Besides hiding curves (again), they are also comfortable for those who love in tropical climates.

3) Don’t wear too many layers on your hijab, sometimes you might have a hair-loss problem. And it’s not comfortable for those who live in a hot countries like me.

Last but not least, don't forget to smile :)

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