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Muslimah Style: Riham

Reader's Contribution

I'm Riham and I'm from Virginia, U.S.A. I'm a 19 year old university student studying International Affairs and Journalism.

My Style

I started wearing the hijab in October of last year so it's still relatively new to me. I've had a great time wearing the hijab and I feel as though my style has gotten even better ever since I started dressing modestly. Wearing the hijab allows me to be more creative and to express myself much more than I did previously. I take a lot of pride in the way that I dress, especially as a hijabi because the way I look represents Islam and I want to make sure that people get a good impression about Muslims and Islam as a whole. I don't have one particular style, but when I go shopping I look for items with a lot of colour and things that are in style now. My style is pretty simple, I don't like wearing too many things at a time and I don't like being too matchy-matchy. My favorite hijabi friendly items are maxi dresses and cardigans. Maxi dresses are so easy to wear right now during the summer and cardigans are a way to cover them up effortlessly.

Top Tips

1) Don't be tacky: Hijabi outfits can easily be made tacky when worn with too many layers and colours. Revealing tops don't always have to be worn with a shirt underneath them. Sometimes cardigans are a better option and they look more flattering. Also if you're going to wear a shirt underneath another top, choose a neutral color, not something too bright.

2) If you don't feel comfortable in your hijabi outfit, than I suggest you don't leave the house. It's already difficult enough wearing the hijab (at least where I live) so the least you can do for your self esteem is to feel good.

3) Never sacrifice the guidelines Allah (swt) has placed for us when he commanded us to wear the hijab. Try to avoid showing your ears, a little bit of your hair, or your neck. Its not too difficult to be covered up and beautiful, just put in a little bit more effort.

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