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Muslimah Style: Houda

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I am Houda and I live in Sydney Australia. I am a hijab wearing daughter, sister, aunt, wife and mother to 2 girls. I am a Lawyer, but choose to be home for my family, and am ever thankful that I have the opportunity to do just that.

My Style

My style is all over the place. I like to mix it up depending on my mood. I love to be casual, but I also love to dress up. I really dislike wearing the same combination twice, but I mix and match a whole lot. I love to feel feminine, but I also love to dress a little edgy too. I always love to cover my chest with my hijab, I am much more comfortable this way as I don't feel so exposed.

I wore the hijab for the first time in 2002. This was a very trying time for me. After a few incidents which left me shaken, I took the head scarf off. I also had so much trouble with clothes. I couldn't afford to buy new clothes, and the ones that I did have, really weren't hijab appropriate. Back then I was plus-sized too (although I was smaller than now). It was the middle of summer and the only clothes I could find at an affordable price were in stores aimed at older women. Long sleeved button down shirts in terrifying colours, and pants with unflattering leg shapes. Put all of my issues together, and it made for a very unhappy 22 year old.

The second (and final) time I wore the hijab, was in 2007. I was 27 and knew my style well. I realised that I could layer! How revolutionary! :-) More stores were catering for young curvy women. I experimented a lot. It was difficult at times, but I stuck to it. And thank God I did. I am at a place now where I am the most comfortable I have ever been with my body and my size. My hijab has helped me become the woman that I am today; unafraid to be who I really am.

Top Tips

Dress for your shape. Hold your head high. Be confident. Love the way that Allah swt made you. Thank Allah by being the best you that you can be. With this combination, you can't go wrong.

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