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Muslimah Style: Samia I

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My name is Samia, I'm 22 and I am currently residing in the UAE. I was born and brought up in the UAE although I'm originally from Bangladesh. I recently graduated from university and will start work soon InshaAllah.

My Style

I started wearing the hijab when I was 14, and it was an easy transition as the school I went to incorporated the hijab in their uniform and it's also a common sight here. I don't have a specific style and I like to experiment with my clothes and accessories. My look can vary from serious and professional (with a feminine twist), to fun and casual depending on the occasion, and there's no colour that I don't wear. My basic approach is to colour-coordinate all the pieces that I am wearing and that includes contrasts and not the same colour over and over again. I also love to have an element of surprise in my outfit, which usually comes from my shoes/handbags/accessories. On busy days, I wear an abaya over my clothes if I don't have the time to make a certain outfit look modest from all angles.

Top Tips

Wear a headband over you solid-coloured hijab for a unique way to accessorize it. For parties and formal occasions, you can go for more dressy headbands which have rhinestones/bows/feathers to up the glamour quotient of your outfit. Headbands don't go with ethnic outfits sometimes (depending on what your traditional dress is), and if you wear the hijab the way I do, earrings and necklaces are not likely to be visible. So for occasions like weddings, you can wear a forehead ornament called a tikka like the one pictured. Sunglasses with hijab also look very stylish - whether worn or perched on top of the head when indoors.

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