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Muslimah Style: Makada

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I'm Makada from Trinidad, a small island in the Caribbean (West Indies). I'm in Customer Service and I'm studying Business part-time. I've been wearing hijab since I was 11 and I love it!

My Style

My style depends on what I'm feeling at the time. I love bright, vibrant colours and also colours that match my skin tone. I love Indian clothes and clothes that say "I'm sophisticated, but girly". I try to incorporate different kinds of patterns and coloured under-pieces for my hijabs, just to spice it up a little. I love maxi dresses, but I'm yet to own one. I plan on learning to sew soon Insha'Allah so I'll be able to make my own clothes. My usual working-week style consists of long black trousers, black work top/dress and one of my vibrant hijabs and and my casual days consist of skirts (Indian/denim) or pencil jeans, knee-length dresses (long sleeved jersey for extended sleeves) or sometimes abayas and other Islamic dresses and of course my hijab! I love almost all types of hijabs and I like to try different colours as well.

Top Tips

Wear clothes that match your skin tone and clothes that you feel comfortable in. Shoes that are too high are a no-no and too much brown and black makes you look boring unless you really accessorize it well. Try to incorporate modesty at all times and remember, a smile makes for a perfect picture :)

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