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Hijab Style Exclusive: Haya Interview

If you've been following Hijab Style on Twitter, you'll have been the first to know about a new UK hijab company called Haya which has launched on Facebook! Today, Hijab Style brings you an exclusive interview with the CEO, Shirin Kachchi.

Jana: Tell us a little about yourself?

Shirin: I’m lucky to call several countries/regions home - the Middle East, Canada and the UK! Home for me is where my family is residing, which is why the Middle East is the first on the list. I lived in Canada for eight years and it’s a special place for me – I went to high school and university there, have friends, family and beautiful memories. I moved to the UK after getting married and have added London to my ever-growing list of places to call home!

I enjoy keeping an eye out for fashion trends and experimenting with colour, textures and different ways of wearing the hijab. My personal scarf collection has officially taken over my shoe collection and it will no doubt, continue to grow with Haya!

Jana: How did you come to start Haya?

Shirin: When I first started wearing the hijab last year, I struggled to find scarves that were in-line with the fashion today and made of good quality fabric. I bought most of my initial stock of scarves from my travels and that’s when the idea formed! Why not provide women access to scarves from all over the globe? In short, I created Haya to provide contemporary hijabs sourced from several countries for the fashion savvy muslim woman. The overall aim is to inspire hijabistas to express their individuality through Haya scarves!

Jana: Do you make any of the hijabs yourself?

Shirin: A few scarves are my own designs which I get tailored; the majority are carefully selected products. My current designs consist of pure fabrics such as 100% silk-chiffons and jersey with contrasting or complementing lace. It’s the colours, material and beautiful lace which give them the edge! Alhumdulillah, the collection has almost sold out and I hope to continue to dabble with design in the future!

Jana: Can you tell us more about your charity initiatives?

Shirin: I wanted to blend my passion for scarves with raising awareness for humanitarian causes so I am beginning my journey by supporting a local charity. As a launch campaign, all the profits from the current collection will be donated to Restless Beings for their Uighur Women’s Rights Campaign in Krygyzstan. My goal is to constantly support charities and campaigns in some way or form, InshAllah Haya can make a small contribution to the lives that need it!

Jana: What else can we expect from Haya?

Shirin: I have big aspirations for Haya, I’m focusing on a few areas I’d like to develop in the future. After the current campaign, I will inshAllah be revealing my new product range, watch this space!

What do you think of Haya? Don't forget to join their Facebook page to view the full collection and details of how to order. And what's more, Haya will be sponsoring the Bonus July Giveaway in a few days time too!

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