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Product Review: Islamic Design House

SR-S4-US01 Silk Route Jilbab
Islamic Design House recently sent me the above Silk Route Jilbab in grape for review purposes. It's been quite a while since I've done any product reviews, however I do realise how helpful they can be, especially when it comes to ordering clothing online. Hijab Style will be bringing you many more in the future, inshallah! So without further ado...

When I first saw the parcel, I didn't realise it was the jilbab as it was quite thin and light. When opened, I realised the colour is actually a little lighter (and nicer!) than what you can see in the pictures on their website, and has a cooler, more grey tone. I also found the jilbab needs a fair bit of ironing before you can wear it.

Now initially I had to exchange the jilbab because of a problem with the sizing. The size chart on the website does not list measurements (except for height) only that the S/M/L sizes correspond to certain UK dress sizes. Now as for most of us, I tend to buy a size larger when shopping on the high street to ensure a looser fit. Now even taking this into account, I found that the IDH sizing was far too small. This was a little disappointing; realistically, the Large jilbab which is supposedly for sizes 16-18, would only really fit a UK true size 14, so I would definitely like to see a wider range and more accurate sizing system.

Regards the length, I also found the jilbab is only barely wearable with completely flat shoes, so I'd recommend purchasing a longer length than you think you'll need and then then hemming it up to adjust it.

The jilbab is made from 100% cotton so is lightweight and comfortable for summer, but would also be suitable to wear in colder months as the colour is fairly neutral. It's also quite easy to move in, and has the added bonus of two front pockets.

In terms of the design itself, it is of course a casual jilbab, but to make it more versatile, I would actually have preferred a simpler garment with fewer of the "urban" detailings like the stitching which goes all around the jilbab, as well as the logo at the back.

Overall, this is a great jilbab for casual, everyday wear; especially if you prefer something different to the usual black. It's also easy to pair with different coloured scarves and accessories, but just watch out for the sizing. Have you ordered from IDH before? What did you think of their products?

Disclaimer: I received this jilbab in exchange for my honest review. The opinions and thoughts expressed are my own and I received no other compensation for my review.

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