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Muslimah Style: Samia

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Muslimah Style: Samia

My name is Samia, I'm 24 and a Trainee Barrister. Inshallah I will be fully qualified in the next few months and hope to specialise in Employment Law.

My Style

I have been wearing hijab for over 10 years now and I love it. It's such a unique and elevating feeling being able to mix and get creative with the styling of the hijab. I love shopping and combine this passion with being able to mix and match and create new styles and looks. I like co-ordinating my hijab with the clothes I wear and over the years have developed a passion for vintage clothing and styles. I don't like the obvious style of matching and prefer to accessorise my clothing in a way which stands out and looks unique.

I have a love for maxi dresses and A line dresses, and especially because I'm tall I find these can be both modest and very classy. Working in a male dominated profession where there are not many Muslimahs, it's nice to be able to demonstrate the hijab as a stylish iconic symbol to those who may have had no previous encounter with a hijabi.

Top Tip

I used to feel upset at not being able to wear different styles of dresses and tops due to short sleeves, and I hated wearing cardigans in summer. But if you live in the UK, Primark is the solution for that! They have the best long sleeved tops (polo necks in summer) made out of fantastic stretchy material which is very good quality. I wear these under all my short sleeved tops and find you can mix and match colours to your individual styles. If you don't like wearing tops under dresses, customise them! I have chopped all my long sleeved tops in half so now (from the bottom) which leaves the neck and sleeve bit free for you to wear with your outfits!

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