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Hijab Style needs you!

Salaam ladies!

Hope you are all well. You might have noticed things slowing down on the blog as I have exams coming up very soon; but inshallah there are some very exciting things coming up for Hijab Style in the near future! Your help is needed for one of them; please read on for a great project I'd love for my readers to get involved in:

I am looking for 2 women to interview as part of a written piece about British Muslim women wearing the hijab. This will part of a multi-lingual fashion bookazine called CIRCUS.

I would like to speak to 2 women living in the UK of differing ages, ethnicities and backgrounds, but who are able to articulate their thoughts well in writing. If you are would like to take part, please send in a short paragraph by May 20th 2010 to answer the following question, based on which I will choose the 2 people to do the interviews with:

What does fashion and religious clothing mean to you?

Please e-mail in your answers, along with basic info about yourself, or any queries with 'Circus Contribution' in the subject line to hijabstyle@hotmail.co.uk


I would also like to collect quotes from Muslimahs living around the world! These should be one liners to do with anything you feel might be interesting to people reading about the hijab and the way Muslim women deal with a visible religious identity. For example, what's the best thing about wearing hijab, how do you express your style, what image do you think you give to people with the way you dress..? Please leave these in the comments section below!

Thank you!

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