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Clerics Split Hairs Over Latest Hijab Fashion

Recently I was asked to weigh in about the 'Abu Nafkha' or 'puffed' style hijab, which has lately become more popular here in the UK, for a news article for The Media Line. What do you think?

Written by Rachelle Kliger
Published Sunday, May 30, 2010

Latest style in Islamic headscarves, the ‘puffed’ Hijab, riles conservatives.

It’s called the Abu-Nafkha-style Hijab. It’s popular, especially among teenagers and women with a flare for the flamboyant, and it has clerics and fashion aficionados fuming.

Abu-Nafkha is a relatively new style of Hijab, the religious headscarf worn by Muslim women, and is slowly gaining popularity throughout the Arab world.

The style is called Abu-Nafkha, or “puffed” because it involves creating a bulge under the scarf, usually by placing a large floral hair clip at the back of the head to add volume. This makes women look as if they have very thick hair.

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