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What to do with that LBD

One reader requested some ideas of how to wear a basic black dress with trousers. I always go for shirtdresses, because they can be worn closed or open, giving you more options.

Aside from layering a basic long sleeve t-shirt underneath, or a cardigan over the top, there is something else you can try. If you have a tunic that's a bit snug around the back, don't throw it away just yet! Instead, wear them together, with the shirtdress open, over a pair of jeans. I think of it as a lightweight, sleeveless jacket. You can go several ways with this:

1. Wear a solid coloured tunic and a long sleeve tee in either black, or in the same colour as the tunic.

2. Wear a solid coloured tunic, and a long sleeve tee that's a totally different colour, but bring it all together with a hijab that incorporate all three colours.

3. Wear a patterned tunic, and a tee that's the same colour as the shirtdress, or a colour that is found on the tunic, and a solid coloured hijab.

Note: the sleeves of the shirtdress should be long enough to cover the sleeves of the tunic, unlike these ones, but that's all I could find for now! More ideas for that LBD to come soon!

Black cotton dress £35; black long sleeve top £7; blue long sleeve top £7, all Dorothy Perkins; Milano knit dress £13.20, La Redoute.

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