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Sidra House of Fashion

Sidra is a hijab fashion brand that is designed by Rania Abbas and based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Her collection includes tunics, kaftans and jilbabs - I love the hooded one in the 5th picture! At present, Sidra does not have a website, but Rania displays her collection in a showroom at her home.

As you can probably guess, these are not worn outside in Saudi Arabia, but according to Rania, they are popular at home during family gatherings, at the beach and when travelling abroad.

This is what she says about Sidra:

"My clothing is for all mohajabat in the world, I target different age groups to help every one. I promised my self the day I wanted to wear the hijab, that I will not let go of being unique, and now I want everyone to feel the same. I want for girls, ladies to feel comfortable to make that decision knowing that they don't have to worry about finding clothes."

Click on each picture to enlarge:

Some of the models could do with looser jeans if those tops are to be worn with hijab. But what do you think of Sidra? Are you at all surprised at the hijab fashion coming out of Saudi?

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