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Hijab and Stethoscopes

Dr. Amna

I've had several fellow medics asking me for practical hijab styles when you need to use a stethoscope. There's one style I've found to work, so I'll try to explain:

1. First put on a cotton bonnet cap, so that it just covers the auricle, leaving a space for the stethoscope to be placed in the ear.

2. You will need an opaque shayla, but make sure it's not too wide. Make one end shorter than the other and place on your head, the shorter end being on your right hand side. Secure at the back of the neck using a safety pin. Again, make sure that only the top of the ear is covered. Make it as tight and secure as you can.

3. Then follow the steps of the Spanish wrap until no. 5

4. At this point, you should have the long end of the shayla hanging on your left hand side. Take this and wrap around the front, and over the head, as far as it will go, and pin at the top with a straight pin.

5. Make sure the shayla is loose at the front, to allow you to get the stethoscope in comfortably from underneath.

This style is also great for summer, because your neck is covered, but you don't have any annoying safety pins and only one layer of fabric.

Inevitably, if you're in clinics all day, your hijab will get a little messy, but it should be minimised if the shayla is wrapped tightly enough at the beginning. Any other medics out there want to share their tips?

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