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Designer: Heba Idris

For the ultimate in hijabi haute couture, designer Heba Idris is at the forefront. Palestinian by origin, she lived for several years in Kuwait before settling down in Egypt. She designs both evening and bridal gowns, and says that each of her creations is unique. Her dresses are often featured in Hijab Fashion magazine, and you can read an interview with her here (sorry it's in Arabic only!):

Her dresses certainly are beautiful - I love the asymmetric tiers on the pink one in the 1st picture. But some of them do leave me thinking that all they really are, are regular long gowns, with a fitted long sleeve top underneath. While that may just about work for some gowns, I think that strapless dresses like the 3rd one pictured, and the green one she is wearing herself are too fitted around the bust to be worn like that. Unfortunately this is a style that many Egyptian designers use, but I would prefer dresses with a top half that is actually continuous with the rest of the dress (like the 2nd pic), and not as tight as some of these are:

What do you think of her designs?

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