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The Berlinerinnen - Hijabi Art

These photos were taken by Uli Holz for the innovative make-up company Uslu Airlines. The founder Feride Uslu put together the art project, called Berlinerinnen (The Berlin Women), and this is what she had to say:

Feride: I’m Turkish living in Berlin, but I spent 11 years in New York. When I came back to Berlin 2 years ago, I was really surprised about this whole new movement going on with the Muslim girls and their scarves. They didn’t act like wallflowers, they were totally self-confident and so fashionable, wearing these scarves. I mean, there is a whole world out there we have to respect: this is not always about a Muslim wife pushed down. That is why I wanted to show them. As for the series the girls created their own style by putting on the scarves individually.

I think these photos are gorgeous, especially the fourth one. You rarely see Muslim women depicted positively in art or photography, so this is really refreshing!

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