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Review: Hijab Fashion Magazine

The new issue of Hijab Fashion magazine is out now. I bought the May-June 2008 issue a while back, so I though I'd review it for anyone who's thinking of buying it. But first here are some pictures from the latest issue, and you can see some from the older issues here and here.

The magazine is 98 pages long and consists of full-page fashion shoots, adverts and has a list of all the stockists at the end. In the last issue, there was also a double-page spread featuring the latest summer colours and some key items for each one (although not the stores they were from).

Now the fashion shoots themselves are absolutely gorgeous! You can probably see from the pictures, but when it's on glossy magazine paper it's even more beautiful. You could easily spend hours poring over the carefully co-ordinated outfits. One thing that I really liked about it was that it showed a range of outfits to suit everyone, from tunics and trousers to skirts and abayas. They also have a section for evening and bridal wear. Most of the outfits I really like and I think they are suitable for hijab, but unfortunately the stylists tend to give the models hijab styles which expose the neck. Aside from that though I love the bright colours and accessories.

The magazine uses clothing from both regular clothing companies like MSou, and Islamic clothing companies. One of the stores they featured abayas from is called Macy's Rahma, and they really are stunning. Unfortunately I can't find a website for them, but if anyone knows it please tell us!

Something that did surprise me though, was the lack of text in the magazine. Even though it is in Arabic, the only place with any writing was in the colour trends feature. Also, on the website they say that the magazine includes 2 new hijab styles, but I found none in my issue!

Overall, I think the magazine is very well produced, but it could probably do with a few more articles. Saying that though, the new issue does include interviews, a handbags feature and an article about choosing the right perfume for you. I won't be buying every single issue of Hijab Fashion, but perhaps every now and then just for inspiration.

Have you bought the magazine? If so, what did you think of it?

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