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Women in Black 5 - Holland

Thursday saw the last episode of Women in Black aired on BBC 2, which you can watch here if you're in the UK.

What did you think of this episode, and the series general? Did you feel that it really did help to get rid of misconceptions, or did it create more?

I also found this article in the Guardian, for more behind the scenes info:

I'm the wrong kind of Muslim for the TV

Huma Qureshi
The Observer, Sunday April 27 2008

Something's been missing in my television viewing pleasure and it's not just Ugly Betty or The OC. What could it be? Oh, it's been a while since we had our latest round of 'Let's look at Muslims' documentaries; there's been no Make me a Muslim or Divorce Sharia-style for ages.

Perhaps it's because Alan Sugar is doing such a wonderful job of filling the scary-old-man-with-beard quota on The Apprentice - who knows? But if anyone has been missing their near-weekly dose of jilbabs and jihadis, fret not - the good old BBC is bringing Muslims back again. Woohoo!

A new five-part series on Muslim women called Women in Black starts next week. The series boldly goes where no undercover Dispatches investigative journalist has ever been before. Yes, you guessed it, under the burka. Ever wondered what lies beneath? Jack Straw did.

Last summer, I was asked to take part in the programme. The makers said they wanted to shatter stereotypes and show the empowered, modern, young, cool Muslim woman (presumably because we haven't gone off the rails like the modern, young, British, uncool Muslim man). Would I take part? 'Of course,' I said. Am I not empowered and modern and Muslim and cool? Hell, yes.

Read the rest here.

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