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Wedding Outfit Ideas

Anna left me request asking for outfit ideas for her brother's wedding. If you have a special occasion that calls for a gown, here are 3 basic options:

1. Look for long gowns that come with matching boleros. Modern Muslimahs sells Tekbir clothing in the UK and they have just that:

2. Alternatively, you can find the gown and bolero separately. If you can't find a long-sleeved opaque one though, try wearing a solid coloured long sleeve top underneath the gown and then wear a lace or chiffon bolero over it:

I love the colours of these dresses:

Wine taffeta ruched ballgown £70, Debenhams; Portia maxi dress £160, Monsoon; long embellished dress £85, Littlewoods.

3. If you prefer, you can always wear an embellished abaya. The beautiful full-length jacket from Arabian Nites could also be worn over a long dress:

Pearl Pure abaya £69, Lebaas; Brocade jacket £85, Arabian Nites.

And of course, don't forget your heels and handbag, and check out all my posts here for ideas for a special occasion hijab. More wedding outfits to come soon!

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