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Designer and Famous Face: Rabia Zargarpur

A YOUNG Emirati fashion designer who specialises in fashion for the modern Muslim woman under the banner of ‘universal modest chic’, has become the first winner of the GCC/MED (Mediterranean) regional competition run by the British Council to find the International Young Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year.

This first British Council International Young Fashion Entrepreneur Award aims to discover talented and successful individuals who have both the creative flair and business edge to become future leaders and champions of their local fashion industry.

Rabia Zargarpur, better known as Rabia Z. (the name of her clothing label) will now head to the International London Fashion Week in February 2008 to represent the GCC/MED region and to compete for the international title, as one of 10 regional winners from around the world.

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These are some of her designs. You can see lots more here:

This is what she says about hijab:

"I have been living in the US for half of my life and when I decided to wear the hijab seven years ago, I discovered that there was nothing to wear. So many women who wear the hijab want to be fashionable and it is difficult for them to find clothes. If you wear the jalabiya (long gowns) or the abaya when you are abroad you get more attention and people look at you differently."

"I want to give a positive image for Muslims," she says, adding that what she is doing is a service for both Muslims and non-Muslims.

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This is one seriously talented lady. She collaborated with Adidas in 2007 as part of the Dubai International Fashion Week, where she won the Emerging Talent competition. Rabia was even featured on the Elle blog in 2007! Visit her Abu Dhabi Fashion Week profile to find out even more about her.

Personally, I think I've finally found an Islamic clothing designer I can relate to. There are many designers out there, but they seem to concentrate on evening dresses and abayas most of the time, leaving a gap for stylish, everyday wear. Whilst I feel that some of the outfits need to be a little longer and looser to be 100% suitable for hijab, I absolutely adore this lady's style! Some of her outfits are very similar to the Carrie Bradshaw style post I did back in April. This is one designer I'm definitely keeping an eye out for.

Here are more articles about her from Gulf News:

Update: Click here to watch a behind the scenes interview!

What do you think of Rabia Z.?

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