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Women in Black

Last night there was a programme on BBC 2 called 'Women in Black' where the presenter (who is Yemeni) gives us an insight into the way women live, dress and party in her home country. If you missed it you still have 6 more days to watch it here. This is a short clip from YouTube:

Having seen the first part, I was saddened by the extent of poverty in the Yemen, and rather disconcerted by the widespread use of qaat! I wonder if any Yemeni readers can tell us if the programme depicted a true picture of everyday life in the country? I also found it quite amusing how they started playing a Nancy Ajram song in the middle...why do all programmes about the Middle East do that??

From the fashion side, I look forward to seeing the 2nd part of the programme, where the presenter goes to Dubai, and explores the world of abaya couture. It will air on 15th May at 7.30pm. Although the snippets at the end do seem to cover some rather dodgy goings-on!

What did you think of 'Women in Black'?

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