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Women in Black 2

The second episode of WiB was filmed in Dubai. If you're in the UK, you can still catch the second episode on BBC here. If not, here's a short clip:

I thought this programme was supposed to be about Muslim women? No where in this episode is any reference made to religion, nor do we see any sort of Islamic activity (quite the opposite in fact!). All that's portrayed here is the culture of certain social classes in certain parts of the Arab world. Although not all Emirati Muslim women can afford to spend thousands of pounds on designer gear!

From the fashion perspective - all was exactly as expected. Those Khaleeji girls have style! Blingin' abayas with matching shaylas, and the most luxurious accessories. I did a post here about how to get the look, albeit more affordably.

I had assumed that the purpose of the programme was to get rid of misconceptions surrounding Muslim women, but I feel that it just adds to it, and reinforces the stereotypes of Arab exoticism. I also wonder why on earth they had to film that scene in Agent Provocateur? Are the producers just trying to make the programme more saucy? Again more stereotypes.

Perhaps the one redeeming feature was where they showed women trading stocks, the female F1 driver and the film producer. It's nice to see they do more than just shop and get pampered!

In the next episode, Amani Zain travels to Egypt, where she meets the ultimate Hijabi Fashionistas. I wonder if it will really be any better than this one?

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