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More Ways to Wear

Here's another way to wear prom dresses with hijab, Carrie Bradshaw style!

In the first picture, Carrie wears a floral print dress with a sleeveless floral jacket on top. I found these matching dresses and jackets at Boden. Just add navy or white smart trousers, heels, matching hijab and quirky handbag.

Silk linen coat £110; silk linen dress £95.

Or you could wear the dress under a plain black or white trench coat, just like in the second picture. I found plenty more printed and plain prom dresses. Which hijabi version do you prefer?

Top left to bottom right:

Primark £16; Warehouse £70; Oli £65; Debenhams £55; New Look £30; New Look £30; Dorothy Perkins £20; Dorothy Perkins £20.

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