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More Ms. Bradshaw

I coudn't resist doing another Carrie Bradshaw post after seeing her outfits from the new film. This dress is simply gorgeous:

The shops are filled with floral 50's style prom dresses this season. At first glance you may think they're unwearable with hijab, but it can be done! These dresses tend to be tight around the waist and then flare out a lot at the hips. So you'll need to wear a jacket on top which is long enough to cover up your waist. Then just add some smart trousers underneath, but avoid ones which are too wide-cut. Ideally, you should look for a dress which is knee length. I think the hijab would look best wrapped Khaleeji style:

Poppy print dress £85, Oasis; cotton sateen trousers £38, Oasis; Patou jacket £135, All Saints; zebra platform sandals £150, Karen Millen @ ASOS; hijab, £4.99 Hijab Store Online; metallic clutch bag £16, Oli.

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