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Hijabi Inspiration: Urban Khaleeji

Normally when most of us think of Khaleeji style, we picture black abayas and shaylas, with bright accessories. But Gulf girls here in London have a totally unique style. I saw this outfit on a girl in Bayswater quite a while ago, but since the weather's so unpredictable, I think coats can still feature in your wardrobe! I kid you not this was exactly what she wearing: a knee-length, green, voluminous bubble hem dress (closer to the 1st dress in colour) under a slightly shorter purple coat, black jeans tucked into chunky biker boots, all topped off with a black Gulf-style shayla. So original!

Green prom dress £50, Topshop; purple coat £50, Oasis; bubble hem dress £28, New Look; black bootcut jeans £15, Dorothy Perkins; biker boots £30, Dorothy Perkins; black chiffon scarf £3.99, Scarf World; black lattice grab bag £65, Dorothy Perkins.

The jeans are supposed to be bootcut, but for some reason they look really tight in the picture. Anyway, if you don't like tucking jeans in (which I don't), just wear them over the boots with a really chunky heel to get a similar look.

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