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There are lots of great events going on! I will update with anything new when I hear about it:

12th April - ILM: The Inevitable Journey in London (Islam Channel Coverage!)

12th April - Islamic Relief: Ladies Night in Leeds

12th-13th April - Intensive Easter Arabic Grammar Course in London

13th April - Arabic Book Fair in London

15th April - Iraq Five Years On: A Way Out? in London

16th April - UEL ISoc: Authentic Beauty in London

19th April in London, and 20th April in Manchester - Palestine Day

25th April - In the Footsteps of the Beloved in London

26th April - Easy Talk: Matters of Faith - a one day aqeedah intensive in London

26th April - Nida Trust: Muslim Youth & the British Identity in London

1st May - Restless Beings: Launch Dinner in London

9th-11th May - ISB: Women on the Move in Leicester

11th-14th July - Islam Expo in London

17th-20th July - Living Islam 2008 in Lincolnshire

22nd-25th August - JIMAS: Annual Conference in Leicester

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