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Get the Gulf Look

Forget London, Paris or New York, the Arab Gulf is where glamorous hijab is at. And boy do those Khaleeji girls know how to rock their shaylas:

The Khaleeji style is fairly easy to achieve. First, tie hair back in a high pony-tail/bun and secure with a large flower claw clip to get the voluminous look at the back. I would suggest wearing a black underscarf/bonnet cap to avoid having hair falling out of your hijab. Place the shayla on you head with one side longer than the other, and secure with a safety pin at the neck. Then depending on the length and opacity of the shayla, wrap it around once or twice loosely, arranging it so that any designs are showing. Using a discreet straight pin on top of your head can also help to keep it in place.

Add some interest to a plain black abaya using a decorated shayla. Saif Clothing are selling 4 beautiful chiffon shaylas for a mere £5 each (and delivery is free). My favourite is the third one; I think it goes quite well with this abaya from Imaan Collections.

But detail doesn't have to stop at your scarf. You can find beautiful made-to-measure abayas with matching shaylas at Hibah. The only downside is, it is rather expensive, with some of their abayas priced at £100-£250. A shayla on it's own will set you back £30-£50. If you're in London, check out La Veil, where the sisters make Dubai-style abayas to your measurements.

Lebaas also offers Gulf-style abayas with matching shaylas. Their prices are a lot more affordable too, with prices starting from £27.99. They too offer a made-to-measure service:

Eastern Vogue is a company based in Dubai - they ship all over the world, and their website quotes prices in Pounds Sterling. They are also very affordable, and have some gorgeous designs. You can get all their abayas tailored to fit, however they only accept orders of 5 abayas or more (all come with matching shaylas). So if you don't want to spoil yourself so much (you know you want to :P), you could get together with friends or relatives and all place an order at once. Alternative they do have a clearance section, where you can buy single abayas, however the measurements are already limited.

Of course, it goes without saying that the Gulf look is not complete without gorgeous shoes and a handbag!

Is this a look you'll be trying out?

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