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Forgotten Hijab Ban

A very important post has been made over at Muslim Matters regarding the 'Forgotten Hijab Ban' in France. Here is an excerpt:

I had the opportunity to meet some French sisters who are now here with me in Cairo, and we got to talking about the issue of Islam in Europe.

It was actually really sad, hard to hold the tears as one sister (from Holland, convert to Islam) told her own story of how she would remove her scarf everyday when she entered work, so she would be left to wear only an allowed small headband just covering the front of her hair, until one day she broke down crying, and kept it on. A few days later, her boss asked her to sign some papers. She asked why, and he said “You’re fired.” She replied, “Allahu Akbar” and signed the papers. “Some scholars said it’s ok, I can take it off if it’s a necessity, but I just couldn’t take it off another time! I just couldn’t!” she said.

It's true that when politicians in France were deciding to ban hijab, there was a huge outcry from the Muslim community, but now we hear nothing. Let us remember how lucky most of us are that we are allowed to wear the hijab freely, whereas many of our sisters are being denied the right to please Allah (swt).

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