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Interview Outfit

'I have an interview coming up and need some tips. How can I look professional and polished and covered at the same time?'

Firstly, best of luck with your interview! Inshallah all goes well! When it comes to your outfit, it's best to keep things simple and neat; no crazy prints or too many embellishments. This applies to your scarf especially.

I love this beautiful skirt suit from Next. All their skirts also come in a long option too:

You can't go wrong with a basic black skirt, and smart blazer:

Or if you don't want to wear a jacket, simply find a smart long-sleeved shirt or jumper:

It can be difficult to find long jackets to wear over trousers, but Littlewoods does a great one which comes in 3 different colours:

A look I find is slightly more relaxed, is to wear a long sleeved dress over wide leg trousers:

And lastly, don't forget your hijab! I think that the Turkish style looks the best, but you could also try the kuwaiti style. Tuck the hijab in to keep it looking neat.

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