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Bridal Abayas

I recently received a request from Ammena to help find her a wedding outfit. She said: "I don't want a pretty dress up abaya that I wouldn't wear. I want something modest, that I could wear all day...something I could wear in the Masjid for the nikah, to the registry office, and for a meal with the family. As for colours, cream or white is fine with coloured accessories. Any suggestions?"

It's difficult to find good bridal abayas on the Internet, so I would suggest that the best way is to have one tailor made. However, these 'split' abayas could be ideal for a bride on the go, and can be worn with white/coloured trousers underneath, and matching accessories. They are a nice alternative to a traditional abaya:

And for those who do want to wear a white abaya, a plain one can be worn with a decorated veil or wrap around the shoulders - you can find beautiful ones in Asian fabric shops. The third abaya here also has an interesting Chinese style. Gorgeous with a Malay style bridal hijab!

There's is no need to stick to white either, experiment with different colours! The first picture is a stunning off-white brocade ensemble. And I love the colour of the second abaya - very summery!

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