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Shukr: the verdict

A few weeks ago I decided to order this denim skirt from Shukr:

It's a real bargain at only £14.95 (plus £2.95 delivery), and a good denim skirt is hard to find. So seven days later my parcel arrived! It was my first time ordering from Shukr, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

I tried the skirt on and it was a pretty good fit. I had simply follwed the measurment guides given on their website, and decided to order a medium. I found that the skirt is quite high-waisted and also a little too long. Without shoes, it dragged on the floor, and I could only really wear it with shoes which had a bit of a heel. However, I think the skirt would be a good length for taller girls, since I am quite short (1.6m)!

Also, the skirt can't really be worn with a long top, as it tends to bunch up. However on the plus side, it is flared and so easy to walk in. It makes a great everyday skirt and works well with any colour. I would recommend Shukr skirts for those who are a little taller, or for shorter girls who don't mind wearing heels.

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